About Tina

Hi, and welcome.

I’m Tina, a single mum to three spirited kids who keep me busy and occasionally make me want to run away and join the circus.

Instead I run to the stash and roll around for a while until the balance is restored and I’m ready to play grown ups again. I’m verrrrrry slowly working towards a english/history degree, and it’s usually the fibrecraft that holds me together and keeps me sane!

I started knitting to make clothes for the kids and it wasn’t long before the craft bug took hold. It wasn’t long before I was spinning, washing fleece, dyeing, carding and had turned our tiny house into a fibre den filled with woolly abundance. I also sew and  love to make anything from raw materials. My famous last words are always “how hard can it be”.

I turned to craft when recovering from a major health issue and am a now passionate fibre crafter.  Luckily, my new slower pace of life allows for this.  I’ll be sharing my crafty adventures here along with recording my efforts to embrace a calmer, more gentle lifestlye as my body forces me to slow down and find joy in simple things.

Thanks for visiting.

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